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Department of Surgery

Acute Care Surgery Division

Continuous Care

A member of the critical care surgical team is available 24 hours every day to provide bedside evaluation and care. You may reach this team at any time by calling 713-441-6149.

Houston Methodist Hospital Department of Surgery's acute care surgery division reflects the current model of combining surgical critical care and emergency general surgery. The Acute Care Surgery Division’s mission is to provide exemplary care for critically ill patients, conduct cutting-edge research related to life-threatening acute medical problems, and educate tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of general surgery and critical care medicine.

Surgical Critical Care

Our multidisciplinary surgical critical care team provides comprehensive care to critically ill patients within the Dunn surgical intensive care unit (SICU). The Dunn SICU is a 27-bed unit that serves a diverse group of patients including critically ill general, vascular, oncologic, transplant, thoracic, orthopedic, plastic, urologic, and head and neck surgical patients.

The multidisciplinary surgical critical care team is led by the critical care physician. All of our critical care physicians are board certified in Surgery and Surgical Critical Care. The remaining team members include the pharmacist, respiratory therapist, bedside nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, chaplain, social worker, case manager, and assorted trainees who work collaboratively with the primary service to optimally care for the patient.

Our team employs evidence-based medicine with ongoing performance improvement to provide the optimal care for our patients. This model has been shown to improve patient outcomes and lessen the duration of ICU care.

Emergency General Surgery

This same group of physicians is readily available around the clock to respond to emergency center and in-house consults throughout Houston Methodist Hospital. We are likewise available to accept transfer requests from outside facilities. Our goal is to provide high quality emergency general surgery services that are cost effective and patient centric while minimizing the adverse impact on the delivery of other services at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Additionally, we staff a “bedside procedure team” that provides prompt patient access to a variety of procedures (i.e. tracheostomies and endoscopically placed enteral feeding tubes) that have traditionally been performed outside of the ICU. This is not only cost effective, but is easier and safer than transporting critically ill patients for relatively minor but very necessary procedures.

Necessary postoperative care after hospital discharge is conducted in follow up visits in our outpatient clinic.

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