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Many of the nation’s most innovative brain tumor treatments begin at Houston Methodist. Our versatile team of neurologists and neurosurgeons comprise, develop and refine gold-standard procedures and novel treatments.

Houston Methodist has a national reputation for the development of new and groundbreaking brain tumor treatments. Our experts focus our research efforts on opportunities to improve treatment precision, reduce collateral damage and improve patients’ long-term outcomes.


Our current research projects are among the most innovative to date:

  • Gene therapy to use a common cold virus to engage the immune system to kill cancer cells 
  • Drug pump inhibitors to reduce chemotherapy doses
  • Glycan synthesis inhibitors that target glioma’s “sweet tooth”
  • Mitochondrial “smart bombs” that target energy production to increase the efficacy of other treatments
  • Nanosyringes to inject chemotherapy agents into individual cancer cells
  • Oscillating magnetic field therapy to shrink glioblastomas
  • Genomic sequencing to better understand the growth patterns of tumors


As an academic medical center, we are international leaders in the latest, most advanced brain cancer techniques and technologies. We combine the best and brightest minds, translating our collaborative expertise into effective, progressive treatment and therapies for patients with brain tumors.


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Houston Methodist is leading the way in research to find innovative treatment options.
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By using the latest advances, brain surgery is now more effective and safer than ever.

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