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Learning that you or a loved one has a brain tumor can be scary and overwhelming. Houston Methodist’s brain tumor experts work to provide you with the most supportive and clear information every step of the way — from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

A brain cancer diagnosis can, at first, feel like you’re staring into a bleak and uncertain future. However, the more information you receive through test results and educational materials, the more empowered and grounded you will feel. Houston Methodist’s compassionate brain tumor experts will listen to you, providing deeply relevant answers and information to help you understand your next steps.


From your first visit, Houston Methodist will be a supportive partner in your health care journey. While in our care, we will provide:  

  • Information about your type of tumor, the causes and prognosis
  • A personalized review of your treatment options, risks and potential outcomes 
  • Step-by-step overviews of what to expect next, from diagnosis through treatment
  • Supportive services and emotional care for you and your family
  • After treatment planning 


Houston Methodist offers individualized care in a caring, healing environment. Our patient-centered approach is rooted in teamwork and communication — and empowering you with information to make the best decisions about your care.

Causes of Brain Tumors

detailed blue and black brain scans laying flat

Explore the potential causes of benign and cancerous brain tumors.
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Brain Tumor Symptoms

Adult man with eyes closed in pain and pressing fingers to temples

Brain tumor symptoms vary depending on the type, size and location of the tumor.
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Diagnosing Brain Tumors

Doctor explaining brain scan on tablet to patient

Precise diagnosis requires a team of brain tumor experts experienced in the latest testing technology.
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Types of Brain Tumors

2 doctors looking at 4 large brain scans on light box

Our experts diagnose and treat more than 125 types of brain tumors.
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Brain Tumor Survivor Stories

Watch stories about our patient successes.
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