Throat Disorders



Houston Methodist’s ENT throat specialists (also called laryngologists) have extensive experience delivering comprehensive medical and surgical care to patients suffering from airway disorders, difficulty swallowing and voice disorders.


Our specialists use the most sophisticated technology available to diagnose and treat both common and advanced throat problems and conditions — improving throat health.

Throat Disorders We Treat

Our throat specialists use state-of-the art equipment and technology to treat the following throat problems:


  • Airway disorders – trauma or damage to the larynx and/or trachea that impacts breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing – also called dysphagia, occurs when muscles and nerves in your throat aren't working correctly due to injury, inflammation, blockage and more
  • Hoarseness – injury or chronic inflammation lead to changes in the voice
  • Laryngeal cancer – occurs when cells in the larynx grow out of control
  • Sinusitis – swelling or inflammation in the sinuses
  • Thyroid cancer – occurs when cells in the thyroid gland within the neck grow out of control
  • Thyroid disorders – includes overactive (hyperthyroidism) or underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) gland, thyroid nodules and enlargement of the thyroid gland (goiter)
  • Vocal cord dysfunction – occurs when vocal cords close abnormally, resulting in breathing issues
  • Voice disorders, including professional and singing voice issues

How We Treat Throat Disorders

Our laryngology care teams are comprised of physicians, speech pathologists, audiologists, clinical-surgical coordinators and medical assistants. These specialists work together to deliver exceptional care for your specific airway disorder, throat problem or voice disorder — enhancing your throat health.


We also specialize in treating individuals who use their voices professionally, such as performing artists, teachers, salespersons and speakers. Through voice analysis and voice intervention, our experts can help restore function and capacity to your voice.

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