MDA/ALS Center

ALS team members at Houston Methodist Neurological Institute
The MDA/ALS Center at Houston Methodist Neurological Institute is the first multidisciplinary care center for patients with ALS in the United States. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS ) is one of the most challenging disorders facing those affected, as well as their families. For patients suffering from ALS, every day is a battle that demands inner strength and tremendous courage. For their families, it is a test of caring and patience. Our center is actively involved in both clinical and basic science research.
Our team of 21 professionals from 11 specialties uses a multidisciplinary approach to help patients with ALS to cope with their disease and applies the latest therapies and proactive symptom management in a positive and caring setting .

The MDA/ALS Center sees patients by physician referral only. Appointments to the Center can be made only after one of our MDA/ALS team physicians has confirmed your diagnosis during a visit to Houston Methodist Hospital outpatient work-up unit, where you will be seen by all of the MDA/ALS Team Hope Members. The cost of the diagnostic work-up will be the responsibility of the patient and/or the insurance carrier, but there is no direct cost to the patient for follow-up visits at the center. Visits to the center are covered by the patient's insurance and/or the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Houston Methodist MDA/ALS Clinic
Houston Methodist MDA/ALS Center

Many of our Team Hope Members have practiced together for over 20 years and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when caring for patients with ALS.

MDA/ALS Center
Houston Methodist Neurological Institute 
6560 Fannin St., Suite 802 
Houston, TX 77030