Patient Stories

Surgery on Pituitary Tumor Provides patient bright outlook 

Despite early treatment, the pituitary tumor with which Emily Schupp was diagnosed continued to grow. Schupp feared the tumor eventually would affect her vision and her chances of becoming pregnant. Surgery saved Schupp’s eyesight, and she looks forward to starting a family.

Patient Survives Tennis-ball-sized Brain Tumor Through Precision and Advanced Surgery

Brain Tumor Stories
Kristen Daniell began to suffer from migraine headaches that became progressively worse. When Kristen experienced paralysis on her right side, a series of tests revealed a tumor on the top, left side of her brain. Successful removal of the tumor was achieved through the use of precision micro-tools and the application of ultrasonography.

Survivor from Original Prognosis — Novel Gene Therapy Attacked Brain Tumor

Because his glioblastoma tumor was located in the speech and logic center of his brain, Matt Futer could only have a portion of the tumor removed. His original physician told him, “That’s it. Half your brain is cancer.” Soon after this prognosis, Matt found Dr. David Baskin and his team at Houston Methodist Kenneth R. Peak Brain and Pituitary Tumor Treatment Center .

Left untreated, pituitary tumor could have blinded patient

Marcie Lester's pituitary tumor was located in an area of the brain that is vital for normal brain function and vision. Left untreated, Marcie would potentially go blind as the tumor increasingly pressed against her optic nerve.

Pituitary Tumor Removed Through Advanced, Nonsurgical Endoscopy and Radiation

Belinda Amboree experienced a loss of vision which led her to consult with Houston Methodist; they determined she had a pituitary tumor pressing against her optic nerve.

Successful Treatment of Malignant Brain Cancer

Denham Turner was young and healthy, so he was shocked when he was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. Denham tells his story of how Dr. Baskin and the team at the Kenneth R. Peak Brain and Pituitary Tumor Treatment Center successfully treated his brain cancer.

Patient Survives A Sinus Infection that Turned into a Serious Pituitary Brain Tumor

Jed Duplantis thought he had a lingering sinus infection until he started having vision problems. Upon discovery that he had a large pituitary tumor pressing on his optical nerves, he underwent endoscopic pituitary surgery.

Awake and Alert During Brain Tumor Surgery, Patient Works in Concert with Surgeons

Nancy was reading a book when suddenly the words were a jumble of meaningless letters; results of a tumor in the portion of the brain that controls speech and interpretation of words.

Orthopedic Surgeon suffered headaches and loss of vision due to tumor pressing against optic nerve

Orthopedic surgeon, Wayne Johnson, experienced headaches and loss of vision which led him to consult with Houston Methodist. It was determined he had a tumor pressing against the optic nerve.

Brain Tumor Managed Through Expertise and Advanced Technology

Adnand Mirza was treated for a genetic disorder that disturbs the growth of cells in the nervous system and causes tumors to form on nerve tissue.

Major Tumor Removed During Complex Surgery

Doug Wood sustained severe head injuries in a bicycle accident; the treatment for his injuries revealed a significant tumor that was partially compressing his spinal cord.

Inoperable brain tumor removed

Lisa Goff underwent minimally invasive surgery to remove a large brain tumor.

Patient Survives Massive Brain Tumor Through Precision and Advanced Surgery

Judy began suffering from memory problems that became progressively worse; tests revealed she had a brain tumor.

Complex Surgery Removed Major Tumor Pressing on Spinal Cord

Santiago Quizanos became paralyzed during an overseas flight. Examination at Houston Methodist revealed a significant tumor that was partially compressing his spinal cord.

Meningioma Tumor Removed

Marna Gonzalez de Garza had a meningioma tumor removed through expertise and advanced technology of the Peak Center.
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