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Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration

The Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration comprises a 16,000 square-foot facility that accommodates the research space needs of 14 research faculty, and 80 institute scholars, students, postdoctoral fellows and research scientists. They work together on topics such as stem cell biology, aging and regeneration. The investigators have expertise in bioengineering, computational biology, developmental biology, epigenetics and chromatin dynamics, progenitor and stem cell biology, telomere regulation, and cardiomyocyte and vascular biology.

John P. Cooke, MD, PhD
Dr. Cooke’s research focuses on restoration or stimulation of endothelial functions such as vasodilation and angiogenesis, using small molecules or stem cell therapies. Recent insights from the laboratory have clarified the role of innate immune signaling in nuclear reprogramming to pluripotency and therapeutic transdifferentiation for vascular disease.
View Cooke lab to learn more about Dr. Cooke's research. 

Longhou Fang, PhD
Dr. Fang’s laboratory focuses on the role of apoA-I binding protein (AIBP) in lipid metabolism, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis under pathophysiological conditions. This includes identifying its molecular mechanism and unravelling the roles of AIBP in heart hypertrophy, heart ischemia and reperfusion, peripheral artery ischemia and reperfusion, corneal angiogenesis, wound healing, tumorigenesis as well as heart regeneration in preclinical models. 
View Dr. Fang's seminar to learn more about his research. 

Kaifu Chen, PhD
Dr. Chen’s laboratory focuses on computational epigenetics. Specifically they are focused on: (1) combining bioinformatics innovations with new sequencing technologies to make novel observations or to answer new biological questions; (2) understanding gene regulation networks that determine cell identity and tissue specificity in development; (3) discovering driver genes of cancer, genetic disease, or other important phenotypes.  The overall goal of his research is to develop machine learning algorithms to combine epigenetic and genetic data for disease gene discovery, and to reveal the functional mechanisms underlying each discovery using molecular, cellular, and animal models.”

Henry Pownall, PhD

Administrative Staff
Sawana Tillett
Administrative Assistant
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Ayesha Williams
Projects Coordinator 

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