Biomedical Informatics Support Core

Core Director:
Zheng Yin, PhD

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Biomedical informatics is an essential tool to further patient care through clinical and translational research. At Houston Methodist, the professionals of the Biomedical Informatics Service Core focus on developing, integrating and consulting many different informatics tools for research use. Our expertise in bioinformatics, bioimaging, database development, image analysis and clinical informatics allows us to make implementing clinical and translational research at Houston Methodist an easier task. We do this by offering consulting and other services. The core services range from DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis to database searching, genomic prediction, and molecular modeling.

Our Services:

  • Bioinformatics – Microarray, RNAseq, Fluidigm, next-generation sequencing, and other platforms
  • Data analysis – Genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, proteomic, metabolomic, clinical, and image data analysis
  • Cluster computing solutions
  • Experimental design and evaluation
  • Gene/target/disease analysis
  • Image and data acquisition, processing, analysis, retrieval, and management
  • Machine learning, data mining, and outcome studies
  • Proposal planning
  • In vitro and in vivo quantitative imaging
  • Statistical analysis – Sample size and power estimation, basic and advanced analyses
  • Web portal and database programming