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The Houston Methodist Concussion Center conducts concussion research and provides comprehensive concussion diagnosis and care. Our experts recommend the best care plan to help you manage concussion symptoms, speed recovery and return safely to your daily activities.

Houston Methodist’s multidisciplinary team of concussion specialists offers resources and services for coaches, athletes and families to recover from — and prevent — concussions. Each year, we educate hundreds of athletic trainers, coaches, student athletes, parents and health care providers about concussion diagnosis, injury prevention, Return to Learn and safe Return to Sport protocols. 

Our certified trainers work with more than 350 schools to prioritize concussion prevention. When schools have access to prepared athletic trainers, injured players are more likely to get the best care. Houston Methodist’s community partnerships streamline concussion management, keeping more student-athletes safe long-term while continuing to enjoy the many benefits of athletic participation.

Treatments & Procedures

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From our innovative, concussion testing tools to Return to Learn and Return to Sport protocols, our experts are your partners in concussion treatment. 

Houston Methodist Concussion Center

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The Houston Methodist Concussion Center supplies on-site education for schools and club teams on how to recognize concussion and what actions to take if one is suspected. As part of our community outreach, we provide this service at no cost.

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