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Houston Methodist’s concussion care team has helped hundreds of patients return safely to their favorite activities. View patient success stories and find educational resources for prevention and ongoing concussion management.

The Houston Methodist Concussion Center provides comprehensive concussion therapy and educational resources to student-athletes, community members and medical providers. Our services help individuals and teams reduce the risk of concussion and manage brain injuries to safely return to their favorite activities.  

We are pleased to share these patient stories about concussions, as well as educational resources to help you stay safe and recover with confidence.

Understanding Mild TBI

The symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), or concussion, aren't always apparent. You may not even know you've suffered one. Learn to recognize the most common concussion symptoms and when to seek treatment.

Concussion Patient Story

Britton Cartwright started playing soccer when she was three years old. The headaches she started experiencing daily as a college player led her to a Houston Methodist concussion specialist. 

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