Thank you, Infectious diseases Research Fund DOnors!


Houston is strong. When confronted with adversity, we band together and overcome. And though this coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented, we face it the same way — together.

Three philanthropic leaders -- Ann and John Bookout, Diane and David Modesett, and the Jerold B. Katz Foundation -- created a Challenge Initiative at the end of March to support the Houston Methodist Infectious Diseases Research Fund benefiting COVID-19 research, treatments and innovations. This challenge offered to match every philanthropic dollar given (up to $1 million) with an equal dollar from the Challenge. This $2 million goal was achieved within two weeks.

A second trio -- Diane and David Modesett, Freeport LNG, and the Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation -- established a second Challenge Initiative with the same goal: to match every philanthropic dollar given, up to $1 million. This challenge was met in less time! 


Thank you to these generous benefactors

for supporting Houston Methodist's Infectious Diseases Research Fund as we continue to lead medicine and take care of our neighbors during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Dorothy and Mickey Ables

Dixie and David Addington

Jennifer Smith Angle

Anonymous (2)

Bernie Barcio

Tommy Barras

Linda and John Barrett

Drs. Merle and Patricia Barth

Danny M. Beaver

Carolyn and John Bookout

Ann and John Bookout III

Drs. Julie and Marc Boom

Molly and Allen Brivic

Doyle and Millie Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Trevor M. Burt

Jackie and Robert Callies

Sandra and David Cameron

Cam and Rod Canion

Lou Celusniak

The Chartis Group

Ms. Yushan Chen

Kathy Clausen

Dr. John Cooke

Stephen H. Cordill, Jr.

Susan and Kem Coulter

Ms. Nancy M. Cowan and Mr. Robert D. Cowan

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Eifler

Catherine S. Del Paggio and Thomas H. Padgett, Jr.

Carol E. Dinkins

John Donegan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Dujka

Melinda and Dennis Eason

Randall C. Emmons

Clara and Mauricio Fabre

Sue Farren

Karen and Jonathan Finger

Rigo and Aracelli L. Flores

Michael Fowler

Freeport LNG

Angelica M. Garza and Richard Sepulveda

Linda and George Kelly

Jonah Goldberg

JoAnn Grisanti

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Grivetti

Wendy Hahn

Rebecca Hall

Curt and Melanie Hampton

David Harris

Brenda Hartman

Sue Headstream

The Hearst Foundations

William L. Henning, Jr.

Tanya Lynn Herzog

Jane and Hank Hink

Anita and Gerald Hiser

Melissa Hopkins

Linda and Charles R. Houssiere III

Jerold B. Katz Foundation

Ed and Lynn Jones

David Kasper

Jasmine Kavazovich

John and Suzanne Landa

Mr. Albert Laverty

Betsy and Marc Levinson

Christopher Lincoln

Jim and Carole Walter Looke

Baines and Anne Manning

Rodney and Judy Margolis

Lillian N. Martinez

Joan McCarthy

Mr. Harvey Michaels

Angie Mitchell

Diane and David Modesett

Lance and Kate Murphy

Jennifer A. Newsom

Elaine Ngitit

Noll Family

Regina Luanne Novak

Kimberly and Travis Overall

Stephanie Karen Payne

Jeanne and Joe Bob Perkins

Cathie Proctor

Christopher Ralls

Anne Rappold

Krystle Riley

Alecia and Kevin Rister

Rotary International - Baytown

Darleen Schauer

Brandon Scherling

John Alexander Schultz

Mary Eliza and Park Shaper

Norman Sheridan

Sherman Foundation

Shipley Do-Nuts/Lawrence Shipley III

Sammy Siu

Sue Smith

Ms. Tamara Smith

Warren D. Snell

Dr. H. Dirk Sostman

Statesman Business Advisors, LLC

Eric Stetenfeld

Donald and Cynthia Stevenson

Ms. Christina M. Talley

Pepper and Gigi Carlita Taneja

Ms. Pauline Todd

Ginny and Steve Torno

Lynda K. Underwood

Virene Family

Ms. Elizabeth C. Walter

Paula and Rusty Walter

Mrs. Martha S. Walton

Mingtao Wang

Kay and Ewing Werlein, Jr.

David Wilkins

Dr. Amy S. Wright

Dr. Ivan Zamora

Steven and Sheila Miller

Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (EHTF)

Leslie and Ann Doggett


*Gifts through 5.14.2020

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