front line heroes say "Thank you" to covid-19 donors

Through the generosity of more than 140 community benefactors and more than 1,600 Houston Methodist physicians, scientists and staff, roughly 5,000 Houston Methodist employees on the front lines in the battle against COVID‑19 have received a paid day off (8 or 12 hours, depending on their shift) and a $100 bonus to treat their families to a “Meal on Us."


Below are some of their messages of thanks to these generous donors.

David Silva, Athletic Trainer, HM Clear Lake

Thank you all for the generous gift. It has been an incredible experience working with so many different people in so many different departments that I would normally never work in.

Mary Clancy

Thank you to all who donated to the Front Line Heroes Appreciation Initiative. You are all heroes, too! Together we heal. 

Joanne Topper

Thank you so much for your generosity and recognition at a time when we all need to stand together. I have always been proud to work at Methodist Hospital (46 years now). The health care is excellent, but what sets Methodist apart is the spirituality and togetherness we have with each other even though we may not know each other personally. We reach our hands out to one another in solidarity; no one stands alone. This is rare, but then again, so is Methodist in its I CARE values and excellence. Thank you again, and may God bless us all.

Yasmin Mancillas

Thank you so much for your generosity, words cannot express my gratitude.

Susan Puls

Thank you for your generous donation to this COVID-19 Front Line Heroes Initiative. I am truly humbled to have been selected to be a recipient of this. I will certainly enjoy a day off for a little "me" time (hopefully in the near future).  This wouldn't have been possible without people like you. You all are amazing and your generosity is much appreciated. What a blessing to work for such a highly esteemed organization that not only cares for the patients it serves, but also cares for and recognizes its staff through sponsorship of programs such as this. We are all in this together and I have no doubt that we will conquer this and come out stronger than ever. 

Monisha Dey

Thank you all so much! 

Lydia Gonzales

Thank you very much for giving us this token of appreciation. I feel so grateful to receive this gift.

Courtney Marbra

It is such an honor to be named a COVID-19 Front Line Hero! Thank you for your donations and your kind words. There are no words that can truly express my appreciation. I will continue to serve our community with compassion. Thank you!

COVID-19 has been a time of ups and downs with the downs being pretty low. This gift will go a long way towards self-rejuvenation and getting to spend a little quality time with the family. Thanks!

Linda Blaise
Thank you for your kind consideration for us. I hope all of you and your families remain healthy during this time of change in our world.

Jithin Thomas

Thank you!

Drew Stalinsky
I just want to say thank you to all of you for showing your appreciation. I have been with Methodist for 11 months and this organization is steps ahead of all other medical organizations I have worked for. Once again, thank you.  

Clarese Sawyer
A heartfelt thank you for your kindness. It is truly appreciated. God bless you.

Yvette Salazar
Thank you for all your support and may God bless you always!

Katherine Hicks

Thank you so much for the generous donations. I will be honest, there were days when I wanted to call-in because of the exposure to the virus and the fear of the unknown. I have faith and I love what I do, so I did not throw in the towel. I came to work faithfully to help my peers and the patients we continue to serve knowing that we have a purpose. Selfless acts such as these go a long way and make me feel a little bit better about being on the front lines. Thank you! God bless.

Darrin Staloch
This is truly more than I deserve. I had the opportunity to help our community and colleagues during a time of great need, so I took it. I’m not a hero, those are the values of our hospital system.

Thank you so much for all you do for us. We appreciate everything!

Sylvia Thomas 
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Crystal E. Neal 
Thank you so much for your generosity and appreciation of those that are the hands and feet for patients.We are all very humbled by the gratitude we feel from our community. I am very appreciative of the gift of time off and a meal - thank you! 

Chwala Williams 
Thank for your generosity, love and support 

Teresa M. Jackson  
Thank you. God Bless. 

Samuel Ssali 
In the midst of this pandemic, it has become very clear that nothing matters more than taking care of one's own body and soul, especially when faced with the uncertainty of everyday COVID-19 patient care in the ER. To all the donors: thank you very much for your selflessness!

Tracey Baker 
Thank you for your generous donations!  It was truly my pleasure to help during this difficult period. 

Yashica Bowens, BSN, MBA, MHCM
Donors, I want to personally thank you for your thoughtfulness, willingness, and compassion during this time. As a front line HERO, I pledge to continue to serve the community and dedicate my time and service to our patients here at HMH. They deserve it!  This is truly a blessing in disguise and I am grateful I was one of the lucky people who was recognized for my efforts. 

Kristin Muldowney 
I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support during this challenging time. These tokens of appreciation have made us all extremely emotional and grateful to work for such an amazing organization. Your selfless donations and generosity are appreciated more than you know! Thank you again for carrying us through this time!  

Linnet Andrews 
Thank you!  

Chaplain Darrell Boswell 
While no one would ask for the tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual burden of being on the front line, it is a blessing to be recognized for our efforts in fighting this pandemic. Thank you for your generosity in giving us this gift. It is greatly appreciated.   

Teri Smith, NP 
Your support and kindness are appreciated more than you know. You keep us energized and focused. Thank you. 

David Barefield 
Thanks so much for your generosity and kindness during these difficult times. It take special people like you to give unselfishly when you know others are in need. Thanks again and I appreciate ALL that you have done.  

Grabiela Escobar 
Thank you for your generosity and help throughout these times! 

Patricia Langowski 
Thank you for your support and generosity during our nation's pandemic crisis. It means so much to know that others care and are thinking of the health care workers who are making every effort to heal and protect our community. Words cannot express my heartfelt thank you.   

Wilsy Jose

Thank you for your appreciation 

Thank you for being so generous and thinking of us during this time! We will get past this together! 

Rebecca Axline
I certainly realize that you are all heroes as well; humbled to be included. Thank you so much and I appreciate you all. Houston Methodist, we can! 

Jeffrey Mansoy 

Thank you so much for your contribution. We're able to do our best and hang in there because of people like you. 

Krystal Bryce
Words can't express my gratitude for your generosity. To say that it doesn't help would be a flat out lie. And we won't be having any of that! I am truly grateful! My money is going to a fancy N-95 mask that can be reused multiple times. My day off will go toward a mountain hike. The knowledge that I am working with the knowledge that I am appreciated is priceless. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Georgia Young

Thank you so much! It's easy to forget the work you do is important and valued by others because you just see it as doing your job. Thank you for seeing the hard work we put into our jobs everyday!

Jennifer Cando
Thank you all so much for the support, it really helps in so many ways!

Tami Cross
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate this uplifting gift! Thank you.

Abriana Gaul
Thank you for your generous gift to us front line workers at Houston Methodist Hospital. It is very moving to have the support of our community and your donation is greatly appreciated as it is a reminder that we are not in this alone. Your monetary donation and PTO hours will go towards ordering take out and spending quality time with my three boys. Thank you for seeing the value in our work.

Crystal Owor, RN

The gift and PTO are much appreciated! Thank you for the thoughtfulness.

Olufunke Odubanjo

Thank you for your generosity. God bless!

Dyana Rice
Thank you SO much! Your generosity is very appreciated! :)

Fatoumata Sylla
Thank you very much, the kindness is appreciated.

Bernadette Eugenio
Thank you for appreciating everyone in the hospital community as we continue our dedication and service for the well being of everyone and our nation as a whole.

Anar Garcia

I would like to say thank you for the donation that you gave us. This means a lot to us. To feel that you are appreciated during this time is the best feeling that keeps us moving. Stay safe!

Gina Cotter

Thank you so much for appreciating my staff for working the front lines. So many times people do not know who respiratory therapists are and they just want to feel appreciated like everyone else. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love Methodist and the values we stand for every day. I appreciate the wonderful gifts you give us, but most of all the caring support and recognition for working so hard to take care of our patients.

Sandy Poffinbarger

 I wanted to share a heartfelt thank you for your donation. It feeds my soul to be appreciated. I can earn a paycheck anywhere and I can always make more money, but I cannot make more time. I'm glad to give my finite amount of time to this institution. How kind of you to realize the gift of time is the most precious. Thank you for my time off. Sixty-two years ago, I was born at Methodist Hospital and during those years my three children were born at Methodist. Now, since last September, I work at Methodist as a nurse on Main 8, the first COVID-19 floor. As a native Houstonian, I've seen the incredible changes this medical center has gone through and how power has shifted. Methodist is definitely on top; the leader. I'm happy and proud to be one of the pieces making this massive machine work. 

Cynthia Spells

Thank you so much for the blessing. I love what I do. May all stay safe and blessed. Thanks again.

Lorri Simon, PT

As an outpatient physical therapist, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be working in an ICU unit in the middle of a pandemic. It was an honor to work alongside the amazing nurses who perform this type of work every single day. My life has been forever changed by my experiences on the COVID-19 ICU unit at Houston Methodist Willowbrook. Our team was trained in proning patients who were critically ill and on ventilators. The work was not difficult, but the emotional toll was beyond words. In my profession, dealing with death and patient coding is not a part of my world. The ability to pray with patients in their suffering and work along side our very skilled and compassionate doctors and nurses was a blessing when I felt my contribution was very small. I continue to pray for those nurses as I have returned to treating my patients in a new and different way. Thank you for the recognition and your dedication to those who serve. It is an honor to be a part of the Houston Methodist team.

Ainy Ali

I cannot express enough gratitude for the support I have received from the community and my fellow colleagues as a front line worker. With your support I will continue to care for the patients that need us the most during these challenging times. Thank you for your generosity! 

San Pham

Thank you for the gift! It's much appreciated and something positive to receive during these uncertain times!

Kimberly Cosby 

Thank you for your support and generosity. Both are greatly appreciated!

Sebastian Hester 

Thank you for your thoughtful gift and recognition of the work we're doing to help battle COVID-19 as well as the other illnesses affecting our patient population.

Sami Shrestha 
Thank you so much. It is good to be appreciated and I can't thank you enough. It means a lot. 

Luz F. Go 
Thank you so much for the gifts of appreciation. By the grace of God we will overcome this pandemic crisis. God bless us all! 

Thank you for your generous gift! In these trying times, this demonstration of support lifts the spirit and shows you care. 

Tatiana Castaneda 
Thank you so very much for your gift to us. These past months have not been the easiest. This wonderful and generous gift really put a smile on my face. It is much appreciated.  

Stacy Taylor

Thank you so much for this reward! Thank you for this boost to my morale and encouragement to keep on working hard! 

Lee Cantos, RN-BC

Thank you very much for your kind donation! My family and I appreciate it very much! 

Erika Walker 
Thank you so much for this kind act of generosity. As a medical laboratory professional, we often feel that all of our hard work is overlooked because we work behind the scenes, even though we each work with hundreds of patient samples every day. To be recognized for my efforts truly means a lot to me and to the other members of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. Thank you! 

Shirley Miranda 
Thank you all so much for your generosity. We are all in this together.

Clarajane McRaney  
Thank you so much for the physicians and colleagues who donated cash and their own PTO to us. We really appreciate it.

Natalie Barrera 
Thank you so much. I really appreciate the kindness of everyone! 

Savannah Lively 
Thank you for your generous donation! It is an honor to serve as a nurse here at Houston Methodist, and your gift has made me feel appreciated and grateful. Have a blessed day! 

Jacquelyn Skinner  

Thank you for your generous donation! This is greatly appreciated.