Caring Teen Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Fall Houston Methodist Hospital Caring Teen Volunteer Program, located in the Texas Medical Center! The information below is only for the Fall Caring Teen Volunteer Program at Houston Methodist Hospital located in the Texas Medical Center.


Please note that in accordance with the Houston Methodist COVID-19 booster mandate, booster vaccinations are required for all volunteers. No exemptions for volunteers are accepted. For more information please click here to visit the Houston Methodist COVID-19 resource page.

The Houston Methodist Hospital Caring Teen Volunteer Program provides community youth with opportunities for personal growth and development. Volunteers provide supplemental services in the hospital while gaining personal satisfaction, development, maturity, and the understanding of various health care careers in preparation for their futures. Caring Teens serve others while making new friends, networking with medical professionals at a world-class hospital, developing self-esteem, and creating meaningful memories. Our patients’ lives are deepened through the energy and compassion of our Caring Teen volunteers.


If you have pre-planned fall commitments outside of the Caring Teen Program and you are unsure if you can commit to the requirements of completing the Caring Teen Program, please contact before applying to determine if this is going to be the right fit for you this fall.

Please click here for the 2023 Fall Houston Methodist Hospital Caring Teen Volunteer Program application. The application will open on June 19, 2023 and close July 16, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.
This application is only for the 2023 Fall Houston Methodist Hospital Caring Teen Volunteer Program located in the Texas Medical Center.

See below for more details regarding the program, expectations, and application process.


Time Commitment


September 25 – December 10 (11 weeks)

Caring Teen volunteers who are enrolled for the program are required to complete 40 volunteer hours.

Onboarding Information


Application: All parts of the application must be submitted by the deadline July 16 to be considered for the 2023 Fall Houston Methodist Hospital Caring Teen Volunteer Program.


For the application, you will need to submit: volunteer profile (make an account), preliminary notices, written component (short answer questions), volunteer availability, background history form, volunteer forms (8 forms total), Employee Health Parental Consent form, your transcript, and your photo ID (school photo ID, driver’s license, driver’s permit, or state issued identification cards are accepted). 


Health Screen: The health screen appointments for the TB skin test and drug test are only available during business hours at the Houston Methodist Hospital Employee Health Clinic: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Please keep in mind clinic hours are subject to change due to hospital recognized holidays.  Please note you need to return to the Houston Methodist Hospital Employee Health Clinic 2-3 days later for a TB skin test reading. Please see the section below for more details.

All volunteers must attend a Caring Teen virtual orientation. Your volunteer orientation date will be scheduled during your pre-screen phone call. Volunteer orientation must be completed within 30 days of your health screen appointment. Volunteer orientation dates are scheduled during August. 

Background Check: 
Houston Methodist Hospital policy requires a background check on all volunteers. You will be emailed a link to submit your information through Pre-Check with your preliminary acceptance letter.

Start Email: 
Once all items have been completed, Caring Teen volunteers will receive an official start email with their assignment and schedule.

Assignment Opportunities:
Volunteer assignments for Caring Teens are generally available within patient services, administrative services, and customer support. While we appreciate your interest in specific areas of volunteering, capacity is limited due to the needs of the hospital and the number of Caring Teens in the program. We will make every attempt to place Caring Teens in at least one of their areas of interest, but we cannot always accomplish this.

Health Screen Questions

What do I need to bring to my Health Screen?
You will be emailed the Parental Consent Form with your preliminary acceptance letter, and you must bring this completed form to your health screen. You must also bring your photo ID (school photo ID, driver’s license, driver’s permit, or state issued identification cards are accepted) and COVID-19 vaccination record with the first two doses and first booster to this appointment.

Will I need to miss school for the onboarding requirements? Will I be able to receive a school excuse letter?
You may need to miss school. Yes, it is the student’s responsibility to request a letter at the time of the appointment from the Houston Methodist Hospital Employee Health Clinic.

How will I know if I need a TB blood test?
A TB blood test will be required for those with history of positive TB and/or if you were born in a country that required a BCG vaccine. You will be able to receive this at your health screen.

Schedule and Assignment Logistics

What shifts are available?
Volunteer assignments are offered Monday – Friday, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m., 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. or 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Can I change my assignment?
Volunteers are encouraged to keep their original assignment due to the needs of the hospital and the number of Caring Teens in the program. Requests for reassignments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What if I have a last-minute absence for my volunteer shift?
It is your responsibility to notify us if you are going to be late or cannot make your scheduled shift. If you need to miss a shift, you will be able to submit an Absence Request Form on your volunteer profile. You are not required to report to your volunteer assignment on days Houston Methodist Hospital employees are not required to work (i.e. holidays).

Dress Code Questions

What are the uniform requirements?
Volunteers must always wear a Caring Teen volunteer polo with a hospital photo I.D. badge so that patients, visitors, and staff can easily identify volunteers. Uniforms are generally purchased during one of your onsite appointments or on your first day for around $30 and are a tax-deductible item. You will purchase your uniform in the Gift Shop located in Dunn Tower and bring your receipt to the Volunteer Services Office to receive the uniform.

The volunteer uniform is worn with the appropriate length of dress, skirt, or slacks. Hospital photo I.D. badges must always be worn on the uniform above the waist, and in plain view. Please be sure to wear your hospital photo I.D. badge as you enter the building. Volunteers will be notified for any changes in policy and procedures as Volunteer Services follows all requirements set forth by HMH HR policies. Additional instructions will be given during your volunteer assignment as needed for COVID-19 precautions that would further impact your uniform for your safety (i.e. masking, etc.). For more information regarding uniform policies, please see pages 12-13 in the 2023 Volunteer Handbook.

Volunteers who fail to meet the dress code requirements will be asked by their supervisor or volunteer coordinator to return home 2(VS52 Volunteer Personal appearance) 5(VS55 Volunteer I.D. Badge) and are subject to termination at the discretion of the Director of Volunteer Services.