Volunteer Programs

The HMH Volunteer Services department oversees a variety of volunteer programs that have been developed to support the hospital's patients, visitors and staff. The volunteer programs detailed below are opportunities that are separate from our classic volunteer assignments. These programs require additional application and /or interview requirements, and volunteers who participate in these programs may be subject to adhering to additional program-specific requirements and policies.

Team CLARITY, one of our more sought-after programs, is a fall prevention program that utilizes volunteers to deliver critical patient education to prevent falls and the development of hospital-acquired delirium, while also focusing on improving patient satisfaction. Through brief visits, volunteers are tasked with speaking to patients over the age of 65 one-on-one, developing rapport, educating them on the importance of staying alert during their hospital stay and utilizing the nurses to move around. Team CLARITY volunteers will gain experience using rounding software to submit data on patients. Due to the nature of these patient interactions and the value these volunteers have on patient safety, we require an additional application (short essay and resume submission). We are looking for mature, well-articulated individuals to demonstrate consistency in their volunteer assignment. Note: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and acceptance is subject to program capacity. For additional information, please contact Vanessa Parejo at vparejo@houstonmethodist.org.


Our current Team CLARITY volunteers have unanimously found their experience meaningful and overall rated the program 4.55 out of 5. Below, you will find testimonials from past and current Team CLARITY volunteers.


"I have been volunteering with Team Clarity for several months now, and it has come to be one of my favorite parts of my week. I really enjoy meeting new patients and hospital staff, keeping patients safe, and keeping patients company. I am honored to be a part of a program that has had such a profound impact on the health of our Houston Methodist patients."                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Karina Moreno


"My favorite part of being on Team Clarity is seeing the face of a patient who proudly proclaims, “I will be going home today!” It is welcome reminder of the role that I played in keeping the patient safe and motivates me to serve all patients to the best of my abilities.”
                                                                                                                                                          – Craig Thomas


"Being a Team CLARITY volunteer, having one on one conversations with patients is definitely my favorite part. Even just for a few minutes, knowing that my company makes them feel better is the best feeling in the world.”
                                                                                                                                                                     – Uyen Le


If you are a cancer survivor with a heart to help someone else find hope and strength as they face treatment or if you have cared for a friend or loved one while they received cancer treatment, we invite you to consider becoming part of the CanCare family. At CanCare, your personal experience with cancer can provide hope to others who are newly diagnosed or just beginning the journey. Whatever brings you to CanCare, we want to welcome you into our family!

Our mission at CanCare is to ensure that anyone facing cancer has a survivor by their side. We need you - and your unique voice as a cancer survivor or cancer caregiver - to bring hope and support to someone else who may be experiencing the challenges and the emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Below, you will find a testimony from a current CanCare volunteer's experience with the CanCare program.

"I love volunteering with CanCare, as I get to use my own experiences to help guide those facing the challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer can be scary and isolating, but through volunteering, I can help people feel a little less alone as they navigate through this difficult experience."

                                                                                                                                                         – Erin Harrison

To learn more or apply to become a volunteer, visit cancare.org/volunteer or email Volunteer Services at volunteer@houstonmethodist.org


Caring Companions
The Caring Companions volunteer program allows volunteers to visit various patient units to offer comfort and companionship to patients and/or visitors. Patients can experience boredom, nervousness, and seclusion while in the hospital, and possibly do not have loved ones with them at the bedside. Through visits with a Caring Companion volunteer, patients will have the opportunity to find solace and fulfillment from the purposeful visit.

During visits, Caring Companion volunteers can sit and talk with patients and/or visitors, play games (board games, card games, activity books, etc.), read books with patients, and provide available comfort items as needed. The visit may also be one where just the presence of a Caring Companion is enough for the patient, not to feel alone. The ideal Caring Companion volunteer is empathetic and compassionate, possesses strong interpersonal skills, can pick up on social cues easily, comfortable in silence or when emotion is expressed, flexible, resourceful, respectful and who embodies a patient-centered attitude. If you are interested in becoming a Caring Companion volunteer, please email Vanessa Parejo at vparejo@houstonmethodist.org for more information.


Service Corps

Founded in 1947, members of the Service Corps provide a valuable contribution to the hospital by supporting patients, their families, visitors, and employees in a variety of service areas:

• Patient and employee satisfaction rounds
• Book carts
• Information desks
• Family waiting rooms
• Library duties

The letters MHSC of the insignia worn on the uniforms signify for the members a deeper meaning: Ministering, Helping, Serving, Caring. The qualifications considered essential for members are a sincere desire to serve others, a cooperative spirit, adaptability, friendliness, a gracious manner and dependability.


To join the Service Corps, you must first apply to become a volunteer at Houston Methodist Hospital by clicking here. All individuals, including those who are current HMH volunteers that are interested in joining Service Corps, are asked to complete the following form linked here.

The HMH Service Corps accepts new and used book (hardback and paperback) and magazine donations all year long! All genres are gladly accepted as these books and magazines are distributed to patients by Houston Methodist Hospital Volunteers.


For more information on where books and magazines can be dropped off, please contact us at volunteer@houstonmethodist.org. We thank you for your generosity!