2020 Tuberculosis (TB) Surveillance Process

Tuberculosis surveillance is conducted annually to comply with state and federal guidelines.

2020 TB Annual Education Document


New System-wide TB Screening Process Begins This Month

TB screening will take place for all employees, including management, June 22 to Sept. 25. There is a new process for 2020. Everyone must complete an online TB Risk Assessment questionnaire that will determine if a test is needed. Unlike in the past, some employees may not require a TB test. The Risk Assessment will be available in MARS via a new Employee Health Portal on Monday, June 15. 


Note: TB screening for HMPCG and HMSPG physicians will take place at a later date.


How it works: 

Starting June 15, begin by taking the TB Risk Assessment in MARS. Your individual TB Risk Assessment results will determine whether you need a TB test and next steps.

·     If a TB test is not needed, no further action is required.


·     If a TB test is needed, you must schedule an appointment with Employee Health in MARS via the new Employee Health Portal in MARS. You may schedule your appointment at any Houston Methodist Employee Health department, regardless of where you work. 


Other helpful Information:

·     If you had a TB test on or after April 27 outside of Houston Methodist, please upload documentation for review starting June 15 in the new Employee Health Portal in MARS. 


·     Avoid waiting until the final weeks to book an appointment to ensure your appointment is for a preferred schedule and location. 


·     As a reminder, Employee Health is committed to maintaining enhanced social distancing during TB testing to ensure a safe and healthy work
environment. You must wear a mask during your TB test. 


·     Here's a training video for using the new portal. As a reminder, you won't be able to start your questionnaire until June 15. (Please note that you must be on the Houston Methodist Network to open this Intranet link and view the training video.)



·     All employees need to complete online TB Risk Assessment in MARS.

·     June 15 – Sept. 1: Complete your online TB Risk Assessment in MARS.


·     If your TB Risk Assessment results require you to take a TB test, you will be notified and instructed to schedule an appointment to complete the TB test.


·     The last day to schedule a TB test to ensure compliance:

Sept. 17: TB blood test

Sept. 23: TB skin test


All Houston Methodist employees must complete annual TB Risk Assessment, and if indicated, TB testing. 


For questions about TB screening, contact your hospital’s Employee Health department. 


Where and How Do I Get My TB Skin Test Read?
(Please note that you must be on the Houston Methodist Network to view this Intranet page)