Our Team


Vittorio Cristini, PhD

Vittorio Cristini, PhD, is an internationally recognized leading expert and researcher in the fields of mathematical and computational biology, applied and computational mathematics, physical oncology, complex fluids and microfluidics, and multidisciplinary (bio)materials science. He has extensive experience working with biologists, pathologists, physicians, and imaging scientists to study tumor growth and invasion and chemotherapy drug transport using a combined mathematical modeling and experimental/clinical approach to help develop individualized modeling-aided treatment strategies.
Zhihui Wang, PhD
Zhihui Wang, PhD, is an expert at the forefront of research in the fields of computational biology, modeling-aided drug target discovery, biophysical modeling of drug transport, and multiscale cancer modeling. He has developed expertise in both computational and translational research, and has successfully acted as an intermediary, catalyst, and team leader at the intersection of mathematics/engineering and the biology/medical fields. This intermediary role between medical and mathematical fields is of particular importance, facilitating discoveries that are only possible through a joining of these distinct but important research fields.
Postdoctoral Fellows

Prashant Dogra, PhD