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Advanced Cellular & Tissue Imaging Core

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Advanced Tissue and Cellular Imaging

The Advanced Cellular & Tissue Imaging Core provides the Methodist and Texas Medical Center community access to advanced high-performance microscopy for cell biology and tissue pathology studies. The facility specializes in various forms of fluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast, DIC, living cell imaging, laser scanning confocal microscopy, and laser capture microdissection for wide field samples. We offer users comprehensive training, assistance in the design of experimental protocols, and ongoing consultation and support. The purpose of this core facility is to allow research scientists access to state of the art microscopy and imaging equipment, as well as necessary informatics support, thereby furthering their understanding in diverse areas of basic and translational research.

Additional instruments are always under consideration, and investigators are encouraged to make recommendations regarding specific equipment that may be useful to the research community.
Please contact Kemi Cui, kcui@houstonmethodist.org 713-441-7270 with any questions or suggestions.