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Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center

Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center

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Certified Stroke Center

Houston Methodist awarded first DNV comprehensive stroke center certificationThe Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center is the only certified comprehensive stroke center in Texas.

Keeping Minds at Work

Much has been learned about the causes and prevention of stroke, and those who arrive in the emergency room with a stroke are no longer viewed as untreatable. In fact, a vital component of the center is a coordinated, interdisciplinary rapid-response system for the treating of stroke victims.

As the only certified comprehensive stroke center in Texas, the Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center has been recognized as one of the best in stroke diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Learn more about the importance of choosing a comprehensive stroke center.

The physicians and interdisciplinary team of professionals of Houston Methodist’s Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide immediate stroke intervention and care. Our exceptional team includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, cardiologists, neuropsychologists, rehabilitative specialists and a highly dedicated nursing staff.  From the first moments of the onset of symptoms, the team provides patients the very latest treatments and care with the hope of the best possible recovery.

Stroke Center Outpatient Clinic

An important component of our continuum of care is the Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center Outpatient Clinic. An appointment with the clinic’s director is required to confirm stroke diagnosis. Records and test results from referring physicians are required before the initial appointment.

Stroke Support Group

The Center provides monthly support group meetings for stroke survivors, families and caregivers. Medical experts offer stroke survivors and other participants a chance to share their experiences and receive passionate and caring social support. Learn more

Research Leadership

Our dedicated physicians are university faculty with Weill Cornell Medical College and conduct groundbreaking research and clinical trials in stroke causation and treatment. They also lead  outreach and education efforts in the greater Houston community and other parts of Texas to provide awareness of stroke treatment and prevention. Learn more

About Eddy C. Scurlock

Eddy C. Scurlock was an U.S. oil industry leader and entrepreneur from Houston who became a leading philanthropist. The Scurlock Foundation provides ongoing support for medical research, health care and other charitable enterprises. Eddy Scurlock died in 1988.