Experience the Houston Methodist difference. Our reputation for personalized, leading-edge care is confirmed by U.S. News & World Report consistent ranking of Houston Methodist as a top destination for spine care. Houston Methodist is seen as a premier option for back and neck pain relief and as treatment of spine disorders not only locally, but internationally.

Quality of care matters. That is why our spine specialists are leaders in their field. It is the reason our physicians use cutting-edge technology and research to provide most advanced treatments for a wide variety of spinal conditions.

You don’t have to needlessly suffer from back or neck pain. Let the experienced spine specialists at Houston’s leading hospital system get you back to health. Whether it is the result of injury, arthritis or other causes, back and neck pain is the second leading medical condition that brings patients to the doctor’s office. And where you receive care matters.

Houston Methodist spine services provides comprehensive care and leading-edge treatments for spine conditions delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Our team of specialists are trained in providing the full range of key, spinal care services working together to develop your customized treatment program, coordinating with each other, as well as with your referring physician. 

We also use cutting-edge technology, and when appropriate, less invasive approaches to minimize the risk of surgery, speed recovery and help you return to normal activities. The collective goal is to improve your quality of life by providing compassionate and professional expert care.

The center offers a wide variety of treatments, from the conservative to the interventional. Whether it is a regimen of physical therapy or surgery, our team of specialists is able to provide treatment tailored to your spinal condition.

In addition, our doctors hold the most recent certifications and licenses and are involved in continuing education. From the moment you enter through our doors, our team is available to offer guidance through your treatment journey. 

We invite you to learn more about Houston Methodist and discover how we can treat your spinal needs and disorders.

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