The experienced scientists and technicians at the RNAcore at Houston Methodist are leaders in RNA synthesis, capable of producing stable, error-free research- and clinical-grade RNA, including modified mRNA (mmRNA) for any gene of interest, microRNA cassettes and noncoding RNA. We can assist you with plasmid design for the generation of RNA constructs. Our core acts as the RNAcore for the Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

  • Expert assistance with plasmid design
  • Synthesis of high fidelity research- and clinical-grade:
     − mRNA 
     – modified mRNA (mmRNA)
     − mRNA cassettes 
     − piRNA clusters 
     − noncoding RNA
     − non-coding RNA including single-guided RNA (sgRNA)
     − customized polycistronic mRNA/mmRNA constructs with a reporter gene


To learn more or schedule resources for this core, please login to iLabdownload our brochure or contact our Core Director or Administrative Contact. 
Eduard Yakubov, PhD, R&D Director

Ivone Bruno, PhD, Clinical Director 

Sawana Tillett, Administrative Contact