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Gene Therapy

Houston Methodist Hospital was one of the first two centers in the United States to utilize gene therapy for treatment of glioblastoma. Scientists at the Peak Center have completed an initial study, and results are very encouraging.

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Dr. David Baskin, director of the Kenneth R. Peak Brian & Pituitary Tumor Treatment Center, talks about a gene therapy study involving brain tumors. Information about the study has been published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The gene therapy used in one of our patients, Matthew Futer, utilized a common cold virus that was linked to a herpes virus DNA. This was then injected into the cancer cells, where the virus introduces its genetic materials in the cancer cell as part of the cell’s replication cycle. After a few days, Matthew was treated with Valtrex, a medication that kills cold sores from the herpes virus. Hear Matthew’s story:

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