Manual Orders

For help contact Laboratory Client Services at (713) 441-4411.

  1. Test Selection

    Refer to the Test Catalog for a listing of the available tests. The test catalog provides detailed instructions for specimen type, collection, volume required, container, storage and transportation conditions.

  2. Download all needed forms from list below:

    HMDL General Test Requisition
    HMDL Coagulation Test Requisition
    HMDL Molecular Test Requisition
    HMDL Micro and Urinalysis Requisition
    HMDL Manifest
    HMDL Cytology Pathology Service
    HMDL Ophthalmic Cytology & Pathology Service
    HMDL Surgical Pathology Service
    HMDL Surgical Pathology & Cytology Consultations Services

  3. Fill out the appropriate form ensuring that at least two specimen identifiers are included on both the order form and the specimen itself. Please include the following information on the order form:

    Patient’s name
    Patient’s unique hospital number or date of birth
    Laboratory of Origin
    Age and Sex
    Physician’s name
    Physician’s phone number, fax number & after hours phone
    Date and time of collection
    Tests ordered

  4. Specimen Preparation and Shipping
    All specimens submitted for testing must be appropriately labeled and documented on a requisition. Follow the standard directions for Specimen Preparation and Shipping. To order shipping supplies contact Laboratory Client Services at (713) 441-4411.