For Health Professionals

The highly qualified surgical experts at Houston Methodist work as teams across disciplines to provide patients with the most advanced and minimally invasive surgical care in Texas. We also serve as an educational and training resource for physicians. One of the largest and most comprehensive education and research facilities in the world, the Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & EducationSM (MITIE) is defining a revolutionary platform for the ongoing training of physicians and health care providers. Find information about MITIE and additional research and educational resources below.

Houston Methodist Research Institute Clinical Trials – Surgery. At Houston Methodist we are engaged in many clinical trials of drugs and other treatment options in development. Learn more about active clinical trials related to surgery.
We recognize that physicians have options regarding where to refer their patients for treatment. Receiving a referral is a privilege that imparts responsibilities on our physicians, staff, administration and ancillary personnel.
We strive to ascertain continuous, appropriate and, to the extent possible, comprehensive communication with those entrusting us with their patients. Based on specific protocols, referring physicians will be offered, the opportunity to share in, assume or assign the care of their patients at appropriate times following surgery.
Education and Training
Health care professionals specializing in providing surgical services may take advantage of the extensive physician and patient education and training resources at Houston Methodist.
MITIE offers multi-disciplinary, hands-on learning opportunities using advanced imaging systems, minimal access technologies and robotics. Surgeons and other health professionals are able to continually refine and acquire new skills that allow them to perform at optimal levels throughout their careers. Procedural laboratories, equipped with sophisticated simulation tools, house research programs focused on the development and assessment of emerging technologies and technical skills to improve the care of patients using ever less invasive therapies.

For more information on robotic surgery training and utilization at Houston Methodist, call 1.888.MITIETX. Learn more about robotic surgery training and fellowships at MITIE.

Within the Department of Anesthesiology, we offer specialty rotations for residents and fellows in cardiovascular/thoracic anesthesia, anesthesia for neurosurgery, regional anesthesia and critical care medicine, as well as education and training for student nurse anesthetists in cardiovascular/thoracic anesthesia. In each of these areas, residents and fellows receive clinical experience with the patient assessment and administration of the range of anesthesia techniques used in some of the most complex procedures and challenging cases. This carefully supervised, hands-on instruction provided by our expert anesthesiology staff ensures that residents demonstrate knowledge of both intra-operative and bedside anesthesiology in a hospital setting.
Emmi®, a web-based multimedia program, provides educational services to patients using voice and animation. These user-friendly programs take patients step-by-step through surgical procedures and answer common questions about the surgery and follow up care, enhancing physician-patient communication and helping to set realistic expectations at no cost to physicians or patients.

We welcome inquiries and patient referrals from physicians around the world. Members of our care teams exemplify the professionalism and skills to effectively work with you and your patients to determine the best possible approach to a successful outcome.