Bloodless Surgery: What to Expect

Before Surgery

Medications and lifestyle changes might be required to:
  • Boost your red blood cell count – stopping medications and herbs affecting blood clotting or red blood cell count
  • Ensure proper blood clotting
  • Increase iron supply and absorption
  • Improve red blood cell production and blood volume
  • Address nutritional need

During Surgery

Strategies and surgical equipment used to minimize bleeding and conserve blood include: 


  • Minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic or robotic surgeries
  • Electrocautery and other surgical devices – “seal” blood vessels to stop bleeding
  • Autotransfusion machines – collect, clean and return lost blood
  • Special adhesives – tightly close the skin or tissue
  • Acute normovolemic hemodilution – diverting blood prior to incision and return those units after surgery
  • Anesthesia techniques – affecting blood pressure and body temperature to reduce bleeding

After Surgery

Strategies include:


  • Limited blood draws
  • Medications and supplements, as well as dietary changes, to boost blood cell counts and iron stores, help blood clotting and prevent rebleeding
  • Hormones to stimulate bone marrow, producing more red blood cells


Our doctors at Houston Methodist specialize in bloodless surgery at the following location: