Ophthalmic Tissue Specimens

Sample Types

Eyelid lesions, cornea, conjunctiva, enucleated eyes, orbital lesions, etc.

Send tissue in a well sealed container with 10% formalin to adequately cover the specimen.

Sample label

Patient's name (Last name, First name)
Patient's date of birth
Hospital or clinic identification number
Specimen type (eyelid, cornea, etc.)
Specimen site (right/left eye) 


If you are interested in margins, please include a drawing of the lesion in relation to margins and mark the specimen with sutures or indelible ink for orientation.

Conjunctiva and iridocyclectomy specimens
After excision please place on a piece of thick cardboard or a piece of a wooden tongue depressor, stroma surface down. Allow to stick to it for few minutes and then place in the container, on surface of formalin and let it drop to the bottom slowly. Include a drawing of the lesion in relation to the cornea or the hours of the clock.

Test Request Form

Please download and fill out an HMDL Ophthalmic Surgical Pathology Form. Place the sample and test request form in a sealed specimen bag. Please be sure to provide a detailed history and any specific questions to be answered.


Pack the sample with test request form.
Send overnight by FedEx or other courier with sample tracking.

Shipping Address

Houston Methodist Diagnostic Laboratories
Central Specimen Receiving
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Second Floor, D2-109
Houston, TX, 77030
Phone: 713-441-1854

Contact information: Laboratory Client Services
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM (CST)
Phone: (713) 441-4411 or 1 (855) 522-3282 (LABDATA)
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