Bryan Norsworthy

Bryan Norsworthy, a 45-year old systems technician at AT&T, was talking with his mother on the phone when she noticed his slurred speech. After hanging up, he took a nap; meanwhile, his mom called his sister and brother-in-law and asked them to check on him. When Bryan answered the door, he could barely speak or stand; his sister immediately drove him to the Houston Methodist emergency department. He enrolled in a unique research trial at the Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center investigating a clot-busting drug made from the venom of a Malayan pit viper snake. Later that night, Bryan could already notice an improvement. A few days later, his head cleared and his right side gradually improved.

Bryan returned to work and is doing very well. He does not push himself as hard, but says his quality of life is back to where it was. He is extremely thankful that his family took action quickly. “If you don’t have faith to trust and believe, you just curl up and die. Thank God for good doctors and good treatment.”