Neuromuscular Disorders in Pregnancy

During pregnancy and childbirth, many neuromuscular conditions can present challenges.  Some of the more common conditions that occur during pregnancy include carpal tunnel syndrome , Bell's palsy , lumbosacral radiculopathy , meralgia paresthetica, intercostal neuralgia, and other compression neuropathies . Pre-existing conditions — including demyelinating polyneuropathies , inflammatory muscle disease , myasthenia gravis  and inherited nerve and muscle diseases — may become more extreme during pregnancy. 

As an example, increased frequency of headache  is a common complaint in pregnant women. Migraine  is associated with a risk of developing pre-eclampsia  or stroke during pregnancy. It is also important to control high blood pressure  during pregnancy which is also related to stroke risk.

Neurologic Issues in Pregnant Women
Several acute neurological diseases requiring hospitalization are unique to pregnancy and the postpartum period even though they are rare in young women in general:

Our Approach to Neurologic Issues in Pregnancy

Managing neuromuscular disorders in pregnancy is a challenging task for clinicians because of the diversity of the diseases and their causes and effects. Each disorder has unique considerations and many possible complications. We have to consider both the effect of disease on the pregnancy, delivery and baby, as well as the effect of the pregnancy on the course of disease and health of the mother. 

We treat neurologic issues in pregnancy from a multidisciplinary approach; our physicians, scientists, nurses, technicians and other specialists possess decades of expertise in caring for mothers and children during pregnancy. The comprehensive team approach we take integrates experienced neurologists into the mix to ensure you get the best possible care available during your pregnancy and delivery.  Please click here to learn more about our services to provide care for pregnant women .

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