Funding & Support

Cores, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

We gratefully acknowledge the funding and support to further its efforts from the following organizations::

The Ting Tsung and WeiFong Chao Family Foundation
John S. Dunn Research Foundation
Virginia and L.E. Simmons Family Foundation
Extramural Funded Projects:
NLM R01-LM009161:
Neuronal Spines Tracking and Analysis for Time-Lapse, 3-D Optical Microscopy

NLM 1R01-LM010185:
System Biology Approach for Signaling Transduction Study of Complex Phenotypes

NLM G08-LM008937:
Assisted Follow-up in NeuroImaging of Therapeutic Intervention

NLM R13-LM009571:

NIH Life Science Systems and Application Workshop (LiSSA)

NIA R01-AG028928:

High-content Image Analysis and Modeling for Neuron Assay Based Screening

NCI 5R01-CA121225:

High-content Image Analysis and Modeling for RANigenome-wide Screening

NIH U54CA149169:

Center for Systematic Modeling of Cancer Development

CPRIT RR100627:

A Multimodality Image-guided System for Peripheral Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

CPRIT RP110532-C1:

Texas Screening Alliance for Cancer Therapeutics

The Simmons Family Foundation Collaborative Research Grant :

Integrative Systems Biology Approaches for MB subtyping and Therapeutic Target and Drug Discovery

TT & WF Chao Family Foundation Center for BRAIN:
Applying advanced neurotechnology and neuroimaging to understand mechanism and find cost-effective cure of neurodegeneration, especially Alzheimer's disease

John S. Dunn Research Foundation:

Establishing the bioengineering department at Houston Methodist Hospital and establish research collaboration in biomedical engineering with the University of Houston