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Clinical Practicum
The Houston Methodist The Woodlands Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency offers residents full-time direct clinical patient care that allows the resident to integrate and apply the knowledge from all lectures and lab sessions. This provides the resident the opportunity to expand upon their abilities as an neurologic specialist in training. Over the course of the program, residents will provide clinical care and receive site-specific mentoring across the spectrum of neurologic care which entails acute care rehab, inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab settings in order to develop advanced understanding and expertise in all stages of neurological patients’ path to recovery.
Clinical Mentoring
The program thrives on the value of one-on-one mentoring. For the duration of the program, the resident will receive one-on-one mentoring on how to advance their skill of evaluation, examination, functional diagnosis, and treatment of neurologic conditions. The resident will receive mentoring from Board-Certified Neurologic Specialists whom also have varying specializations amongst a wide array of neurologic diagnoses.

Research and Investigation
The resident will be directed on the current evidence as it relates to the evaluation and treatment of neurologic conditions. The resident will be required to analyze the quality of research articles to facilitate their growth in evidence-based practice. Additionally, residents will be required to conduct 3 separate journal article reviews (one in each clinical setting: acute care, inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab) and present 3 separate case studies on their own patients with supporting evidence of diagnosis and intervention. Residents will also be required to perform one capstone project with the intention of presenting this project at APTA’s CSM (Combined Sections Meeting).

Specialty Observation
Throughout the duration of the program, residents will have the opportunity to interact with neurologists, neuropsychologists, and other clinical specialists in the clinical setting and observe various operative procedures. This allows the resident to gain exposure to a variety of conditions and procedures that may implicate their practice as a physical therapist. Additionally, this allows the resident an opportunity to develop professional working relationships with the physicians and other providers of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Department of Neurology. There will also be other ancillary opportunities to engage in Houston Methodist’s wheelchair clinic, ALS clinic, HEAL center, and more.

Didactic Lectures and Lab
For the duration of the program, the resident is required to attend and participate in didactic lectures and lab. Lectures are led by faculty of the program that discuss advanced anatomy, movement science and motor learning, examination, outcome measures, differential diagnosis, clinical intervention, and return to activity as it relates to specific neurologic conditions. Lab sessions incorporate the didactic knowledge into non-patient mentoring of guided practical application of ideas and skills as it relates to functional presentations and neurologic conditions.

Core Modules



9 Weeks


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6 Weeks

Graduation rate: N/A
NCS Exam first time pass rate: N/A 


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For more information on the Houston Methodist The Woodlands Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency, please contact:

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