Cycle of Translation

Cycle of Translation

The Cycle of Translation is the process of advancing innovations that improve human health and clinical care into practice with:


  • Insight from patient care and outcomes defines clinical needs.
  • Medically inspired team science performs exploratory research.
  • Their inventions have real-world value and protectable intellectual property.
  • Inventions are further developed through applied research.
  • These inventions can then progress through an FDA regulated product development and preclinical validation process, which includes design, production and controlled GLP studies.
  • If shown to be effective in clinical trials and studies, inventions can be implemented through piloting, education and implementation, evaluated for quality and safety, and scaled for roll out to patient care.


This process is catalyzed by translational infrastructure that includes intellectual property and regulatory expertise, external partnerships, and funding mechanisms designed to transform patient care. Learn more.




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