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Vitreous Humor

Vitreous Humor


Undiluted vitreous: closed syringe with syringe cap (not needle). Label the syringe (see below for sample).
Diluted vitreous: cassette/bag or syringe with cap directly from the vitrectomy machine. Label the syringe (see below for sample).

Minimum volumes required:

Viral PCR studies (HSV, HZV, CMV etc): minimum 200 uL (0.2 mL) Cytology, flow cytometry, special stains: additional 200 uL (0.2 mL)

Sample label:

Patient’s name (Last name, First name)
Patient’s date of birth)
Hospital or clinic identification number
Specimen type (eyelid, cornea, etc)
Specimen site (right/left eye)

Test Request Form

Please download and fill out an HMDL Ophthalmic Surgical Pathology Form (PDF format / Word format)(include your differential diagnosis and specific concerns). Place the closed syringe and test request form in a sealed specimen bag. Please be sure to provide a detailed history and any specific questions to be answered.


Pack the sample with test request form in ice or include ice pack.
Send overnight by Fedex or other courier with sample tracking.

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