Patient Stories

The doctors and staff of Houston Methodist have helped thousands of patients — from across the Greater Houston area and around the world — to recover their health and get back to enjoying their lives. Click the links below to see some of their stories.

Darrel’s Story: Treating Eye Cancer

Darrell learned he had uveal melanoma, the most common form of eye cancer. He went to Houston Methodist for treatment and is now doing better. 

Marty’s Story: Weight Loss Success 

At 424 pounds, Marty knew he was overweight. By working with staff at Houston Methodist, he lost 215 pounds over 11 months without surgery.

Karen’s Story: From Caregiver to ALS Clinic Coordinator

The first experience Karen Toennis had with the Houston Methodist MDA-ALS clinic was to bring her husband there for treatment. Now, seven years later, she works there as the clinic coordinator. 

Brian’s Story: A Successful Heart Transplant

After a congenital heart condition known as acquired prolonged QT interval syndrome, which led to a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, Brian Gilliam successfully received a heart transplant at Houston Methodist. 

Mark’s Story: His Experience With Atrial Fibrillation 

Mark Staudt was a devoted marathon runner until a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation stopped him in his tracks. Just two months after having catheter ablation treatment at Houston Methodist, he ran a half-marathon. 

Keeping the Houston Ballet One Step Ahead

Did you know male ballet dancers lift more than 2,000 pounds during a performance? That is a lot of wear and tear on joints. Learn how Houston Methodist keeps performers in top shape.