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HMTW Childbirth Center

The birth of a child is life-changing, and at the Houston Methodist Childbirth Center at The Woodlands, we want to make the experience as memorable and supportive as possible. Our state-of-the-art Childbirth Center provides you with everything you need to welcome your child into the world. Every detail has been considered in our beautifully appointed facility, including the most modern amenities and private neonatal rooms. 

Complete Care for You and Your Baby

Our Childbirth Center offers: 

  • An experienced team of board-certified obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, nurse practitioners, lactation consultants and pediatricians, as well as 24/7 obstetric hospitalists focused entirely on expectant mothers 
  • Neonatal intensive care unit in partnership with Texas Children´s Hospital, offering the latest in neonatal and pediatric care, as well as access to pediatric subspecialists in cardiology, neurology, infectious disease, surgery, ophthalmology and more
  • Wireless fetal monitoring that allows doctors to monitor mothers and babies, while minimizing the risk of maternal/fetal heart rate confusion, offering greater freedom to move around during labor 
  • Special touches, such as a delicious post-labor meal for mom and dad

Services We Offer 

At Houston Methodist Childbirth Center at The Woodlands, our goal is to provide you with high-quality care and the best birthing experience possible. We offer:

  • A wide variety of childbirth classes to help prepare you for labor and delivery, plus relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Modern birthing suites for your labor and delivery, as well as private, family centered, mother-baby suites ideal for bonding with your baby 
  • Innovative peanut balls, peanut-shaped exercise balls that  help progress labor, reduce the duration of labor and support vaginal birth
  • Comprehensive pain management based on your wishes and your doctor’s recommendations, including epidural anesthesia that allows you to remain alert and involved in your baby’s delivery
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) deliveries 
  • 24-hour monitoring of high-risk and premature babies by specially trained medical teams that include neonatologists and other critical care nurses 
  • Basic and advanced newborn care, including a daily visit by a pediatrician, as well as lactation and breastfeeding consultants and classes onsite
  • Complete newborn health screenings, including a blood test to detect and treat more than two dozen conditions, as well as hearing screening services provided by audiologists
  • Infant security program that includes identification bands for babies and parents, as well as security sensors for babies to ensure maximum safety during your stay with us
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Houston Methodist Childbirth Center at The Woodlands focuses on the comfort, health and well being of you and your baby. We provide the critical care, surgical needs and support you may require at one location.

Childbirth Center at The Woodlands

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