Health Screenings & Assessments


Houston Methodist Wellness Services offers screenings services to help you establish a baseline as part of your personal wellness program, including:

  • Biometric screening – a clinical professional evaluates blood pressure, height, weight and waist girth, tests glucose and performs a full lipid profile. A tobacco usage test also is available
  • Vascular age screening – our heart and vascular screening programs help you understand your disease risks. The carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT) uses ultrasound to measure artery thickness and produces a risk assessment to estimate vascular age. Cardiologists check for blood vessel blockages, review your report and provide risk reduction recommendations

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Our wellness coaches work one-on-one with individuals to form an attainable, personalized plan to improve health, productivity and well-being. We ensure you receive the support and resources needed to achieve results.

Educational Programs

We offer a variety of programs to help individuals manage their chronic health conditions or improve their overall health, including:
  • Well-Managed Diabetes Program – trained coaches help you better understand your diagnosis and improve nutrition, exercise, stress management  and medication compliance and tobacco cessation
  • Well-Managed Cholesterol Program – coaches work with you to reduce elevated cholesterol levels through lifestyle modifications such as increased exercise, better nutrition, tobacco cessation and stress management
  • Well-Managed Hypertension Program – a wellness coach will help you lower blood pressure with exercise, nutrition education, tobacco cessation and stress management
  • Healthy Knowledge seminars – our wellness experts and doctors provide you with the knowledge and skills to make lifestyle changes. We schedule seminars on a variety of topics throughout the year and provide handouts
  • WELL Powered Living – a six-week series helps individuals improve health and wellness by building a lifestyle involving nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, performance and productivity. Each session includes setting goals and interactive activities