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Houston Methodist Executive Health offers executive exams for individuals and corporate employees designed to identify health problems early and prevent the onset of chronic disease. Tailored to meet the needs of the busy executive, assessments are conducted with comfort, privacy and premier service in a concierge setting. Assessments include same-day results of your labs and imaging tests, and individualized time to discuss your health concerns with our physician, and are typically completed within four to seven hours.


Our Executive Health program provides you access to primary, specialty and subspecialty medical consultants in a package designed to fit your unique needs and enhance your ongoing medical care. You will receive an exceptional level of personal attention and quality medical care from highly trained physicians and our team of health care providers at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Executive Health Packages

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our comprehensive health assessment takes three to four hours to complete. This detailed assessment includes a thorough exam and testing, along with beneficial wellness coaching.

Premier Health Assessment

Our premier health assessment is designed for busy working executives. It usually takes five to seven hours to complete and is our most extensive offering. Following a thorough medical history review and exam, you will receive comprehensive lab and diagnostic tests, a fitness assessment, wellness coaching and a therapeutic massage — all in a comfortable and accommodating environment.

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