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Houston Methodist Wellness Services is a leader in corporate wellness solutions. As innovators in health care, we effectively use lifestyle modification to improve well-being and reduce health care costs for companies as well as individuals. There are many benefits of using lifestyle behavior change to improve health and wellness. Our goal is to support the whole person with innovative, evidence-based, healthy lifestyle solutions, optimizing his or her health and well-being by providing a compassionate and personalized wellness experience.


Our team is committed to your success and has access to Houston Methodist specialists who are nationally and internationally known for their expertise. We can connect you to a multitude of services and resources to help you achieve your optimal health.


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Houston Methodist Wellness Services cares for hundreds of corporate employees annually, providing team-based, efficient and personalized services. We work with your company to customize a wellness program to meet employee goals as well as provide an array of screenings and assessments that help in the prevention and early detection of many conditions.
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Houston Methodist's packaged services accommodate busy executives. Our plans are designed to ensure that their time with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible, while providing critical information to address any warning of pending health crises, as well as offer peace of mind to high-performing individuals.
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Prepare for global travel with a comprehensive review of vaccinations, precautions and health care prevention while traveling abroad. Call 713.441.5978.


Services include:

  • Physician consultation about health considerations by destination
  • Vaccinations based on destination
  • Wellness nurse advisement of travel precautions
  • Detailed travel health report
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