Ready to take the next step in your weight loss journey?

Weight Loss Surgery Resources


Houston Methodist’s Weight Management Center team provides the full range of bariatric surgery services and postoperative care that can help ensure long-term success.


Whether you’re still considering weight loss surgery, are on the path to having your surgery or have already had your surgery, our expert team provides the information, support and care you need to succeed.

Postoperative Resources

Our extensive postoperative care is designed to help each patient achieve long-term weight loss success.


Follow-up care

Routine follow up with your bariatric surgeon is essential after surgery. Monitoring your nutritional intake, weight loss progression and lifestyle changes are an important part of your long-term care and overall success


In addition, as you lose weight, your doctor may need to reduce (or even eliminate) the medications you take to help manage obesity-related health issues.


Free monthly bariatric surgery support groups

Under the guidance of our experienced clinical staff, our support groups provide an opportunity to connect and engage with men and women who have been through similar experiences as you. Attending support groups is a great way to gain peer support as you continue on your lifelong journey of losing weight and keeping it off.


Nutritional consultations

Our registered dietitians and surgeons work together to create a postoperative diet plan for you, and following this plan will prevent nutritional deficiencies and medical complications. We also highly encourage you to follow up with your dietitian for postoperative nutritional consultations.


Healthy Horizons package

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are critical for long-term weight loss success, which is why we’re committed to helping you stay on track after surgery. Through Healthy Horizons, you’ll receive a three-month supply of vitamins and three video visits with an exercise physiologist, dietician or mental health professional.


Online vitamin store

With free shipping, auto-orders and a points program, our online vitamin store is a convenient way to keep up with the daily vitamin and mineral supplementation required after surgery.


Free week at YMCA

After surgery, it’s important to exercise on a regular basis. Houston Methodist and the YMCA’s of Houston have partnered to help you meet your new exercise goals.

What to Expect Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

There are several steps you’ll need to take prior to having weight loss surgery. Some of these steps are required, including:

  • Nutritional and psychological evaluations — to ensure you understand the dietary and lifestyle changes that occur after surgery
  • Body measurements and laboratory tests — to determine that you’re a candidate for weight loss surgery and whether you have health issues that would prevent surgery
  • Educational sessions — to prepare you for the diet, exercise and lifestyle changes needed to help your recovery and guide your weight loss success after surgery


After surgery, you will need to make long-term diet and exercise changes to achieve and maintain weight loss.

  • Two to three weeks after surgery — your diet will consist of liquids and pureed food until soft and low-fiber foods can be introduced.
  • Thirty days after surgery — you will begin a regular diet with recommended food amounts between four and eight ounces per meal. Between meals, you’ll drink 64 ounces of fluid per day.
  • The first year after surgery — your activity goal should be 30 minutes of exercise, five days per week.