Medical Weight


Houston Methodist’s medical weight management program can safely jump-start your weight loss while providing you tools to maintain it. Our medical professionals will guide you through a three-phase, weight-loss plan, beginning with rapid initial weight loss and ending with a personalized healthy meal plan to help you maintain your weight loss. This medically monitored program teaches you to achieve and maintain a healthier weight and offers long-term accountability, personal support and education.


Our staff will work with you to set a reasonable and healthy weight goal. You will see health improvements often within the first month. Ninety percent of weight-loss health benefits are achieved with as little as a 10-percent loss of initial weight.


Program features include:

  • Rapid weight loss between two and five pounds per week
  • Medically formulated, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and high-protein meal replacement beverages
  • Weekly medical monitoring
  • Weekly classes on lifestyle changes and nutrition led by licensed professionals


To qualify, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30


Program Phases

Each phase of the program helps you achieve and maintain weight loss:


  • New Beginning – rapid weight loss. Your diet will consist of four beverages that will meet your daily nutritional needs. Weekly group sessions focus on behavior changes such as curbing emotional eating and identifying healthy food choices. Participants also attend classes that provide nutrition information
  • My Journey – transition to food. This phase will transition you to solid food with a guided, reduced-calorie diet to help you continue your weight loss. Weekly group sessions focus on nutrition and exercise, as well as examine topics such as food content and metabolism 
  • Living IT – maintaining weight loss. This phase will help you maintain focus. You will continue to use tools and knowledge from the New Beginning and My Journey phases while learning behavior, nutrition and exercise skills for continued weight loss and maintenance. Group members will offer support and share success strategies. We recommend remaining in this phase at least one year


Additional Information

We do not accept insurance for our medical weight management program because of limited insurance coverage and lengthy approval. We offer a flat rate that significantly discounts charges for individual services. The package includes:

  • Weekly clinic visits with a nurse, dietitian, exercise physiologist and counselor
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Monthly labs and doctor oversight