Machine Shop

Lead Machinist: Juan Fernandez

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The machinists at the Houston Methodist Machine Shop develop experimental prototypes of medical devices and fabricate custom-made laboratory equipment according to detailed specifications. As a part of our consulting services, we will also assist with device design improvements. Our services are designed to help you go from concept creation to product design to precision machining, in addition to device repair services. We can work with a broad range of materials and will also handle ordering materials. Some of the prototype devices developed in the Machine Shop include the DeBakey rotary blood pump, preclinical model holder, Nedo pump, and infant tongue depressor.


  • Design consultation
  • Developing prototypes for medical devices
  • Fabricating custom laboratory equipment
  • Implementing improvements to device designs
  • Device repair


  • 13” Colchester lathe
  • Precision Hardinge toolroom lathe
  • Knee mills
  • CNC Benchman mill
  • Vertical and horizontal saws
  • Table sawShear and brake metal fabricator
  • Silver soldering capabilities

Location: Houston Methodist Outpatient Center, Second floor of the parking garage, OPC P2-M3