Faith & Medicine

Supporters gathered at River Oaks Country Club at Faith & Medicine, Houston Methodist’s biennial luncheon, on Tuesday, October 2. Proceeds from the luncheon benefited Houston Methodist’s Supportive & Palliative Care service and the Department of Spiritual Care.

More than 275 attended Faith & Medicine hosted by Libbie Nelson, Lou Houser and Wendy Moreland. Faith & Medicine explored the growing recognition of the connection between belief and healing. This year the luncheon focused on the supportive & palliative care specialty at Houston Methodist, which aims to ease the disease burden and to provide the patient with the best possible quality of life emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Houston Methodist’s supportive & palliative care teams consist of a multitude of departments and work with the treating physicians of a patient to focus on disease treatment and quality of life. These experts can assist in many ways including managing symptoms, convening family meetings to discuss goals of care and to help with difficult decisions, and coordinating care across services to maximize quality of life along the continuum of disease.

For more information, contact Jordan Wiggins-Lopez at or 832.667.5568.