Chairs & Host Committee

Event Chairs

Libbie Nelson
Lou Houser
Wendy Moreland



Host Committee


Dorothy and Mickey Ables
Dori and Keith Barber
Vicki and Carl Baucum
David Bernard
Ashley and Steve Birdwell
Ginger Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bookout III
Drs. Julie and Marc Boom
Sandra and Roger Bretting
Ginger and R.D. Burnside
Maria and Neil Bush
Robyn and Embry Canterbury
Tripp Carter/Bradshaw-Carter Funeral Home
Pat and Steve Chazen
Sue Chiang
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell
Lois Davis
Marty and Andrew DeBusk
Eliza and Johnny Duncan
Connie Dyer
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Juliet S. Ellis
Rev. Kip Gilts
Renee and John Hawkins
Bishop Bob and Dee Hayes
Lou and Mark Houser
Cathy and Mel Jodeit
Ann and Johnny Johnson
Bishop Scott Jones
Lily and Gary Kempf
Jacqueline and Mark Klein
Carter and Bill Lee
Juliet and West Lewis
Melanie and Stanley Levy 
Jim and Carole Walter Looke
Reinette and Stan Marek
Vidal & Debbie Martinez
Carolyn and Paul Meyer
Vivian and Charles Millikan
Dr. Constance M. Mobley
Jacob Monty
Wendy and Ben Moreland
Brad Morgan
Libbie and Greg Nelson
Rev. Dr. Martin and Pat Nicholas
Dr. Tom Pace/St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Steve Pate
Jeanne and Joe Bob Perkins
Fairfax and Risher Randall
Mrs. Jerry W. Ritcheson
Beverley and Ed Robb 
Lee and Charles Robison
Sherrill and Gilbert Santana 
Dr. Carl and Lyn Schmulen
Roberta and Lee Schwartz
Rabbi Adrienne P. Scott 
Terry and Chris Siebenaler
Susie and Tommy Smith
Dr. Richard and Susan Stasney
Steve and Anne-Laure Stephens
Dr. John Stephens and Chapelwood United Methodist 
Dr. Steve and Debra Sukin
Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr.
Lynda K. Underwood
Gemi and Wayne Voss
Paula and Joseph C. "Rusty" Walter III
Martha S. Walton
Pat and Jim Walzel
Elizabeth & Peter Wareing
Randa and K.C. Weiner
Kay and Ewing Werlein, Jr.
Judge Holly Williamson 
Nihala and Shaukat Zakaria
Barb and Bob Zorich

Host committee listing as of August 12, 2022