Program Overview

The LAPPE Program trains student pharmacists using a longitudinal training program that integrates clinical experiences with scholarship and professional service to prepare students for post-graduate training.

Program Goals
  • Ensure students meet the core clinical competencies according to university experiential learning objectives
  • Provide students with continual and constructive feedback between rotations to foster clinical and professional growth
  • Develop students’ research skills with mentorship from pharmacy clinicians and residents
  • Strengthen students’ presentation skills
  • Enhance students’ communication abilities with patients and healthcare professionals
  • Integrate students into departmental initiatives and projects to understand the scope of clinical services offered
  • Improve students’ abilities to obtain their desired residency or clinical pharmacy position

Program Outline
  • Students will complete a total of 5 rotations during the LAPPE Program from Texas Block 1 to Texas Block 5 (May through December).
  • Required rotations (3): 
    • Advanced Hospital
    • Internal Medicine
    • Selective (i.e. medication safety, pharmacy administration/management, drug information, informatics, investigational drug service/research)
  • Electives (2): 
    • Cardiology, critical care (i.e. medical, surgical, neurological, or cardiovascular), infectious diseases, solid organ transplant, oncology, psychiatry, neurology

Longitudinal Experiences
  • Research project presented at national or regional meeting
  • Professional development series (e.g. midyear preparation, mock interview, CV reviews, etc)
  • Formal mentorship from clinical pharmacist or current resident
  • Presentation development (e.g. formal case presentations, oxford debate, journal clubs, topic discussions, etc.)
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics subcommittee involvement
  • Additional: drug monograph and medication use evaluation