On-site Management

On-site Wellness Services
Houston Methodist Wellness Services takes care of the medical needs of thousands of corporate employees annually, providing comprehensive, efficient and personalized services at a reasonable cost. We work with you to customize a wellness program for your business environment and employee goals.

Our on-site health and wellness programs are exceptional, tested and delivered by experts who understand the challenges involved in living a healthy lifestyle. Houston Methodist wellness experts are highly trained and experienced facilitators with a mission to help individuals live improved lives and reach their optimal potential.

On-site health management includes the following services:

Wellness Coordinators
We offer placement of one of our wellness professionals at your workplace from one to five days a week. Bringing a wellness expert onboard and into your culture allows for higher employee engagement in services including our nutrition, weight management, fitness, stress management, health coaching for specific conditions and smoking cessation programs. By partnering with organizations in this way, we customize wellness programs to meet specific goals. 

Fitness Center
On-site fitness center management is an effective way to get the most out of employer-sponsored fitness facility. Our experts are uniquely qualified to identify what works and to maximize the fitness, health and well-being of employees.

Health and Wellness Clinics
Houston Methodist Wellness Services offers on-site clinical professionals to provide routine medical check-ups for your employees. We can treat common illnesses, give immunizations and provide travel health consultations. On-site health and wellness clinics are supported by practice management and electronic health records systems, which ensure integration and quality throughout the health care delivery process.

On-site Flu Clinics
Houston Methodist Wellness Services provides an easy way to help guard your employees against the flu in scheduling an on-site flu immunization clinic, staffed with professional Houston Methodist nurses, medical assistants and coordinators. We can bill most insurance companies or your company directly.