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As health care costs continue to escalate, progressive employers are beginning to build their population health management strategies around leveraging and measuring the total value of health rather than trying to manage the costs of employees’ health benefits. As employers broaden their health management efforts and look for new ways to improve the health, well-being and productivity of their employees, benefit consultants and brokers can help employers adopt new strategies and solutions to control future costs. The most effective strategy is to help employers integrate an engaging, proactive wellness and prevention program to keep healthy employees healthy, and lifestyle, behavioral change and health condition management programs to improve the health and productivity of those with chronic conditions. Building a culture of health focused on promotion of wellness, prevention and self- accountability will help organizations maximize their potential and achieve results.

Consultants and brokers can help employers achieve improvements in population health by effectively aligning their benefits partners around the organization’s strategic health management goals. Establishing key metrics and integrating data promotes a robust strategy for identifying and implementing effective interventions and tracking detailed outcomes.

For more than two-decades, Methodist Wellness Services, a department of The Methodist Hospital System, has helped organizations maximize their viability through improvements in health, well-being and performance. Our experience and expertise has allowed us to help hundreds of organizations develop, implement and evaluate worksite wellness programs while simultaneously helping to manage direct and indirect health care costs. Our portfolio of effective, efficient and scalable health management solutions covers the full spectrum of population health management and is tailored to each employee population. We value the opportunity to assist you in making wellness an integral part of your employers’ corporate culture to drive improvements in individual and organizational performance.

By recommending Methodist Wellness Services to your clients, you have a tremendous opportunity to bring a leading health management solution to your clients and have a trusted partner to help you achieve health and financial outcomes. We work with employers of all sizes from an employee population of 1 to over 10,000.

Contact Methodist Wellness Services today to learn how we can partner with you to achieve population health outcomes. For more detailed information about Wellness Solutions visit our For Employer section.