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Research Pathology Core

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Research Pathology

The Research Pathology core is now providing histology and immunohistochemistry services in support of research projects. The procedure to request services is outlined below.


1. The Research Pathology Core Service Requisition Form must be filled out and submitted to
    Raul Gonzalez ragonzalez@houstonmethodist.org 713-441-0385.

2. Appropriate cost center must be provided in the requisition.
    Please see current fee schedule.
    If you require an estimate of cost, please contact Raul before submitting your samples.

3. Current IRB approval number should be provided for processing human tissue samples.

4. For quality of service, samples must be itemized in the requisition form.
    Please attach additional pages if necessary.

5. For tissue processing, RED tissue cassettes will be used. To obtain cassettes, contact Raul.

6. Please contact Raul in advance to arrange for delivery of samples or tissue blocks.

7. A list of TMH available antibodies is available from Raul.
    If you need immunohistochemistry with non-listed antibodies, please contact us.
    New antibodies should be purchased by the investigator and we will provide you with an estimate
    that will include testing and titration for optimal staining.

Please note that we are not currently providing tissue microarray construction services, but this service will be added in the near future.