Plastic & Reconstructive

Patients experiencing lost form and function due to trauma, tumor, disease or congenital differences can benefit from treatments provided by Houston Methodist’s highly specialized team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The Institute for Reconstructive Surgery offers patients unparalleled access to the latest technologies, medical expertise and advanced services. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons work closely with other surgeons and medical specialists to plan and perform procedures. It is not uncommon for reconstructive surgery to be performed at the same time as other procedures, for example, breast reconstruction during mastectomy. While reducing the need for additional procedures, this collaborative approach improves patient safety and leads to better outcomes.

Houston Methodist offers reconstructive procedures for breast  and lower extremities , facial paralysis or fractures, and genitourinary  and pelvic disorders requiring microsurgical expertise. Our surgeons also perform cosmetic procedures, using both surgical and non-invasive techniques, individually tailored to address a wide range of medical needs, such as body contour surgery , breast rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation and laser treatments. The Institute for Reconstructive Surgery at Houston Methodist has assisted many individuals in regaining a productive, fulfilling lifestyle.