Lower Extremity Reconstruction & Restoration

Our highly trained surgeons at Houston Methodist provide comprehensive treatment of lower extremity disorders. We specialize in the care of open fractures, non-healed fractures (nonunion) and chronic bone infections (osteomyelitis). Our experienced limb surgeons also treat complex wounds, infected joint replacements, nerve injuries (such as foot drop), patella and Achilles tendon ruptures, and the damage produced by compartment syndrome (pressure built up in the legs, abdomen or arms). Advanced surgical techniques are also employed to preserve or extend amputation lengths to make walking easier.

At Houston Methodist, our multidisciplinary team includes specialists in plastic and orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, infectious disease and rehabilitation medicine. We offer the latest surgical technology, including microvascular tissue transplantation (free flaps), Ilizarov bone lengthening, bone growth factors, nerve tubes and recombinant DNA technology (joining DNA molecules together). Utilizing state of the art surgery in conjunction with coordinated specialty care has enabled limb preservation, decreased deformity and improved function for many patients.
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