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Dedicated to Restoring Form and Function

Facial expressions play an important role in communication, giving depth to our interactions with others. As such, face paralysis can leave one feeling self-conscious and even isolated. When trauma, tumors, viral infections, strokes, congenital differences, or other disorders impair facial nerves, it can transform a warm smile into an awkward grimace, or worse, an expressionless void.

Led by Dr. Michael J.A. Klebuc, Houston Methodist Institute for Reconstructive Surgery's Center for Facial Paralysis Surgery and Functional Restoration provides the foremost in facial paralysis treatment in the world. Our innovative surgical techniques can restore the paralyzed face, achieving facial symmetry, protecting the eye, and eliminating drooling. 

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Based on each individual's cause and duration of facial paralysis as well the condition of the facial nerve, our team carefully crafts a surgical approach and treatment plan for patients living with facial paralysis. Our nationally renowned surgeons perform the following types of procedures:

Facial paralysis conditions we treat:
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