CPE Board

Mission Statement
To provide oversight on all continuing pharmacy education (CPE)-related activities conducted by Houston Methodist and ensure that they are in accordance with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education standards.


  • Review and approve CPE programs to be presented at Houston Methodist
  • Assess pharmacy department educational needs and interests, and plan programs that satisfy these
  • Review all continuing education (CE) program evaluations and learning assessment tools and initiate improvements accordingly
  • Discuss and address any grievances submitted to the board on program offerings
  • Periodically revise policy and procedures to reflect appropriate standards of practice
  • Identify future program topics, speakers and reviewers
  • Determine future direction of the program and methods for overall performance improvement 

CPE Board Members
Rafa Felippi
Continuity of Care Pharmacist

Linda Haines
Pharmacy Manager

Beverly Lukawski
Administrative Specialist- IT

Joe Murillo
CPE Board Vice-Chair
Clinical Specialist

Kathryn Pidcock
Clinical Specialist

Tommy Schwartz
Pharmacy Manager in Standards and Regulatory Compliance

Julie Won
CPE Board Chair
Clinical Specialist

CPE Board Meeting Dates
First and third Tuesdays of every month