CPE Board

Mission Statement
To provide oversight on all continuing pharmacy education (CPE)-related activities conducted by Houston Methodist and ensure that they are in accordance with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education standards.


  • Review and approve CPE programs to be presented at Houston Methodist
  • Assess pharmacy department educational needs and interests, and plan programs that satisfy these
  • Review all continuing education (CE) program evaluations and learning assessment tools and initiate improvements accordingly
  • Discuss and address any grievances submitted to the board on program offerings
  • Periodically revise policy and procedures to reflect appropriate standards of practice
  • Identify future program topics, speakers and reviewers
  • Determine future direction of the program and methods for overall performance improvement 

CPE Board Members
Rafa Felippi
Continuity of Care Pharmacist

Linda Haines
Pharmacy Manager

Joe Murillo
CPE Board Vice-Chair
Clinical Specialist

Tommy Schwartz
Pharmacy Manager in Standards and Regulatory Compliance

Julie Won
CPE Board Chair
Clinical Specialist

CPE Board Meeting Dates
First and third Tuesdays of every month