For Patients

As one of the nation's most comprehensive groups of medical and emergency care professionals, Houston Methodist has decades of experience supporting the total health needs of performers in every discipline. With a specialized group of more than 100 physicians working collaboratively, the Houston Methodist Center for Performing Arts Medicine address the specific demands placed on performing artists. Our elite team of physicians cares for the artists of the Houston Symphony, Houston Ballet, Houston Grand Opera, students from Rice University and performing artists from around the globe.
Artist Card
The Artist Card is available to performers who register with the center by filling out the online application. The Artist Card ensures that members of the performing arts community receive medical care specific to their artistic needs. The card ensures that your information is already part of Houston Methodist’s patient database. This speeds up your admission process and guarantees that, whenever you receive care at Houston Methodist, your special needs as an artist are always considered.
Request An Appointment
If you are an artist in need of an appointment, request an appointment online or call 713.394.6088.  

Treatment Location

Our physicians at Houston Methodist see performing artists at the following location: